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Who We Are

The team behind Mr. Tee Printing

The most important part of what we do is that we love what we do.


Known by many names, the most popular of which being "Eddie Gee." Eddie is a painter, lover of music and 80's chick flicks. He's said to enjoy long walks on the beach by moonlight and gazing at the stars topless in his Jeep. And by that he means he took the top off his Jeep, he'll still be wearing a shirt. I mean come on, the guy loves to decorate shirts.

Eddie Guzman

Senior Designer


Photo & Bio Coming Soon

Ruben Lozano

Production Specialist


Has been known to memorize an entire font book backward, in 5 minutes. His favorite computer program is Adobe Illustrator but feels Adobe Photoshop is best on cold winter days. His beard is said to have roamed the earth for 100 years before deciding to call his face home. He's a lover, not a fighter; but he's a fighter too, so don't get any ideas.

Arthur E. Tee

Senior Designer

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