Our Mission and Our Promise To You, Our Customers

When it comes to printing custom shirts, we’re thoughtful about selecting fonts and design elements that best suit your image, brand, or style. We help you choose the highest quality garments that fit within your budget, and we never cut any corners. We take care in producing the highest quality output for your prints, while at the same time being conscious of the time constraints and deadlines that we have to work with on your project - so you’ll be on time, and a returning customer for years to come.

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About Us

Here at Mr. Tee we are design professionals with over 20 years combined experience in the graphic arts. Our work has been featured in publications around the globe, such as: Revista Escenica, Modified Magazine, and Drift Tengoku Magazine to name a few. We at Mr. Tee have dedicated the last 5 years of our lives to the garment decoration industry, and for that reason are very knowledgable on the printing process, we are always looking at the current and future trends. Since we ourselves have created, and still run independent clothing lines, we empathize with you on being cost conscious, while maintaining high quality standards. We love clothing, love to be unique, and love to be able to give you, our customer, an outlet to unlock your mind so that you too can express yourself through the shirt you're wearing. Mr. Tee was built for the people, by the people, and is proud to serve our customers day in and day out. We hope to make you a happy Mr. Tee customer in the near future.

Our Elite Team Members


eddieEddie Gee

Known by many names, the most popular of which being "Eddie Gee." Eddie is a painter, lover of music and 80's chick flicks. He's said to enjoy long walks on the beach by moonlight, and gazing at the stars topless in his Jeep. And by that he means he took the top off his Jeep, he'll still be wearing a shirt. I mean come on, the guy loves to decorate shirts.

Designer Stats:

Experience: 10 years
Ethnicity: Latin Lover
Reach: 32 inches
Record: 32-1-0


xaviXavier Leon

Xavier is a skilled outdoorsman, loves to pick wild berries for his morning flakes, and can play you moonlight sonata so sweetly on a violin, your eyes will tear up and you'll wish you were being held in your mother's arms. Appropriately nicknamed "The Cobra," his precision in movements, and sheer speed enable him to tackle any project with ease. He's been known to embroider with his eyes closed, but says he doesn't miss his finger anymore.

Designer Stats:

Experience: 5 years
Ethnicity: Northern Mexaeuropean
Reach: 27.5 inches
Record: 35-2-0


thuroArthur E. Tee

Arthur has been known to memorize an entire fontbook backwards, in 5 minutes. His favorite computer program is Adobe Illustrator, but feels Adobe Photoshop is best on cold winter days. His beard is said to have roamed the earth for 100 years before deciding to call his face home. He's a lover, not a fighter; but he's a fighter too, so don't get any ideas.

Designer Stats:

Experience: 15 years
Ethnicity: Undecided
Reach: 31 inches
Record: 49-0 TBE




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